Needing help

Is there anyone who has a link to a good wolf drawing tutorial? All I get are kind of bad and don’t really help. I mostly need help with proportions and setting up basic body shapes and the likes. Anyone can help??


3 thoughts on “Needing help

  1. I don’t have a good tutorial for a wolf, but I’ve seen some decent ones for other subjects via what I only know as DRAGOART. You might look that up if you haven’t already.

    Otherwise, my best suggestion is looking for the right image to emulate and practicing til you get it right. For me, sometimes it’s just divine assistance that gets the image the way I want it. If you’ve been practicing with the figure basics, you should be able to break just about any image down into a stick figure and add shapes. But, I tend to draw things the way I see them, anyway. šŸ˜›

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