India Ink

Hey! So I’ve spent some time playing with my style and trying all sorts of new things. I’ve busted out my India Ink (Speed Ball brand) and my inking nibs. I love the feel of the non scraping the paper and catching on the fibers as I Ink. 


You’ll have to forgive my absence as of late as I’ve been very busy. Part of that busy was due to the fact I’ve been working on a couple of books that got launched yesterday! 

On the left: The Journal of Infinite Possibility! The greatest book for inspiration and to get over that writer’s/Artist block you’ve been suffering! With all sorts of exercises and the likes to get those brains going. I did the cover as well as a dozen or more illustrations for it. 

On the right is a book that is very special to myself as it’s my own adult colouring book! Full of all the creepy, boarderline disturbing images I love to draw it’s got something to creep out everyone. It has all 12 Zodiac as well as elemental based images. 

Both of these fabulous books can be ordered from Clan Destine Press:

HorrorScope will have a reprint so if you’re happy to wait it’ll be coming out on thicker paper very soon! 




What lies within you? Does your appearance represent who you are inside or is it a mere visage for others? Not all of who I am is visible but then I am a very nervous, private person and much like all of us I like my privacy.

If you could look into your own soul and see your true self, what would it look like? A crying child? A screaming maniac? A person sitting calmly within a field of beautiful flowers?
Mine is a child sitting in a field of flowers, it’s sunny and warm, the birds are singing and it’s so very peaceful, a creek trickles along nearby, cool and refreshing in juxtaposition to the warm, blazing sun.

~Sarah Pain


The three pieces here for you from left to right they are: Pisces’ Child, Queen Bee and Masaqurade. 

All three are for a big project I’m working on that will combine a large number of my drawings on their black and white glory and will be something to definitely keep your eye out for! It’s coming soon! 😉 (I hope…)