What lies within you? Does your appearance represent who you are inside or is it a mere visage for others? Not all of who I am is visible but then I am a very nervous, private person and much like all of us I like my privacy.

If you could look into your own soul and see your true self, what would it look like? A crying child? A screaming maniac? A person sitting calmly within a field of beautiful flowers?
Mine is a child sitting in a field of flowers, it’s sunny and warm, the birds are singing and it’s so very peaceful, a creek trickles along nearby, cool and refreshing in juxtaposition to the warm, blazing sun.

~Sarah Pain



Sorry couldn’t help myself -_-

Inspired by the cows that have the plugs that open up to their stomachs. The food they’re fed is indigestible so from time to time the people that rear them have to reach in and pull out all the stuff that they can’t process. It’s pretty messed up to be honest. Freaks me out.