Death and Beauty

Death and Beauty, Design, Emotion

I did a piece just the other week that had this theme. It was a 50s pin up girl but she had a skull face and bone poking out of her arm and leg and things. It’s a really interesting theme and one I’m very keen to explore further. This is a first (read second) attempt to explore this subject. She’s half flesh, half bone. Part of her has been stripped back to reveal the her within both literally and figuratively. It shows that under the skin we’re all the same.


The Suffering

Design, Emotion, Sketch

The suffering

A creature of our land stripped down, exposed, forcibly changed and hurting yet we do nothing, we stand by as our amazing, incredible, beautiful planet is torn apart.

I promised myself I wouldn’t get political on here but recent events are just sitting in my mind like a giant dirty spider in the corner of a filthy dump. Anyway, enjoy it for what it is and ignore my crazy ramblings.


The Flame

Design, Emotion, Ink, Society6
She burns with intensity

She burns with intensity

This was made following a Photoshop tutorial that I had a lot of fun making. I used the same tutorial to create one of these with my neice. Even when smoky and flame-y she’s still the cutest little button.
This piece is also available on Society6. Follow this link to find it!