Ignore the horrid line work, this was mostly a colour practice that went south rapidly when my cat jumped on me and then walked all over the ink…. Lucky I’m wearing black pants 😀



New picture coming soon. I wanted to show off part of it now because I’m trying a new inking technique, one I’ve never used before, and I may botch it completely! So if that happens I’ll upload it anyway but don’t be surprised if it looks wonky 🙂 

Pisces Love

For some reason I’m really loving the Pisces fish from my zodiacs, it’s fun to make them curl and swirl around one another, the pair work well and everything flows nicely 🙂 this was a Valentine’s Day picture I never got out in time as I finished it just earlier today -_-‘ 

Very very late…. Yeah it’s hard to stay on top of public holidays and celebrations when you work most of them. Better late then never?

Final Christmas presents

The first is a black and white tribal ish style beagle. The other is flowers (can’t remember the type) in a multitude of colours. Both were fun to draw and again a very limited amount of information, but fun none the less. It’s a hard balance to find; enough information but not too much. Too much feedback and mind changing can be hard to work with but too little results in me redrawing something several dozen times because it wasn’t what they were after. Anyway, rambling again. Ramble ramble