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I call it… THE MONOLITH! Muwahahaha!!


Majora’s Mask

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I created, and edited, a mask from the game Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask! This is Majora’s Mask! Also it’s up on Society6 so you can get it in a variety of forms and styles. So if you’re after a new coffee mug, travel mug, blanket, pillow, bag or clock then check it out here! Society6

Bok and Peep

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  My partner brought me a chicken and baby chick plush at PAX this year and they were by far more popular then I. I can’t get over how cute they are!!


Potions! Get Your Potions!

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potion bottles

Potion Bottles

Feeling tired? Weak? No energy left to complete that oh-so-important final daily quest?

Then we have the solution for you! For a single low, low once off payment, you only have to pay once, ever, we can supply you with a potion to suit any need!

Health Low? Red potion!
Short on mana? Blue!
All sprinted out? Energizing yellow!

Get a single life saving potion for only $1.50* or get a set of four for $5.00* or buy seven but pay for six! Only $9.00! But act now, our cauldron has a hole in it and we’re practically hemorrhaging liquids!

*Postage not included in prices, not intended for consumption by human, animal or otherwise. Contains Water, food dye, super glue, glass and cork. Sizes small: 3.5cm tall.


Fallout Computer Case

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 The completed side! Only took a day but some I have the technique down and I’m not nursing a cold at the same time it should take less time. TWO DAYS TILL FALLOUT!! SO EXCITED


Pint-sized Potion Project

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 So I have a new project including tiny little bottles! My partner and I are making miniature potions and they will be for sale once we have finished them! Keep an eye out here for them!


Custom Case

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 My current project which shows my own personal hype for Fallout 4 which is being released in just a few days. So very excited. Computer case which will have vault boy on it!


Coming soon….

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Another piece of work coming soon! An owl. Again. Because reasons and owls are cool to draw in different styles. Keep an eye out here for it!


D20 Dragon

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DnD Dragon

DnD Dragon

A tattoo design created for my partner to go around his existing tattoo that’s a D20 dice from DnD. Outlines are done now we’re just arguing about colours



Black and White, Design, Game, Ink, Tattoo, Video Game
Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura

Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura

This is a tattoo design I created for a friend of mine. He wanted a combination of the two main factions from the game, combined together into a Ying and Yang like shape.