India Ink

Black and White, Design, Ink

Hey! So I’ve spent some time playing with my style and trying all sorts of new things. I’ve busted out my India Ink (Speed Ball brand) and my inking nibs. I love the feel of the non scraping the paper and catching on the fibers as I Ink. 



Death and Beauty, Ink, Sketch

Think I found something along with lines of mojo… 



Ink, Sketch

Trying to refind my drawing mojo. Sketching stuff just to see what happens 🙂



Black and White, Environmental, Ink

Are we not a mere sum of our parts?




Black and White, Ink

How does one express what spirit is? Do you see it as a person? Animal? Or just energy? I like to think of everything as something, if that makes sense.



Design, Ink, Tattoo

A very exciting update for you guys and one I’m a bit slow on posting but as you may or may not know I design tattoos along with my drawing and have sold a few as well. These are two tattoo designs I’ve done that have been inked onto the people. I think they look great if I do say so myself.  

A dragon inspired my Eastern mythical culture and a Scottish thistle with a bit of flair. The colouring on the thistle was also by me and was requested to be just a hint of colour, pink flowers and green leaves. The dragon has colour now too but some parts need to be fixed up a bit and once it’s healed up I’ll post that too. 




Colour, Design, Emotion, Ink

I need a blending pencil. Some how I don’t think a cotton bud from the two dollar store is going to be of much help here… Want to get those colours nice and smooth and blended into the paper


Majora’s Mask

Black and White, Game, Ink, Video Game


I created, and edited, a mask from the game Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask! This is Majora’s Mask! Also it’s up on Society6 so you can get it in a variety of forms and styles. So if you’re after a new coffee mug, travel mug, blanket, pillow, bag or clock then check it out here! Society6


Flat lay Equipment

Black and White, Business, Colour, Design, Ink

  A layout of of all the equipment I use typically per art piece. Sometimes I only use 8 of the items pictured, other times I use almost twice as much. Depends on the piece really