Pisces Love

For some reason I’m really loving the Pisces fish from my zodiacs, it’s fun to make them curl and swirl around one another, the pair work well and everything flows nicely 🙂 this was a Valentine’s Day picture I never got out in time as I finished it just earlier today -_-‘ 

Very very late…. Yeah it’s hard to stay on top of public holidays and celebrations when you work most of them. Better late then never?

Still here!

I’m still here and still active I promise however I’ve had a lot of work happening with my actual job and some side stuff I’ve picked up so personal work has had to go on hold for a while but I have tons of ideas ready to draw! Very excited to start when I can! 

Also I’m so excited for my lovely new A3 drawing book! Finally some big detailed work will hopefully be coming soon!


New Layout!

So I’m going to be having a play around with layouts and blog styles for the site so it will be changing soon and may do so a couple of time until I figure out how to properly use WordPress and it’s themes. May have to Youtube a few videos to see what I can find. For example I’d like a proper gallery with all my pictures but have yet to figure out how to do so. Please bare with me while I play around for a bit.


New site design decided upon! I like it, hope it’s good for you guys too. Pretty sure no-one noticed me messing around for the last hour or so, so all good!