Varnish Troubles

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So I ended up going out today and buy some polymer varnish to help set the paint on the pebbles in doing. 

First try on one I had just painted, and was rather proud of, and it pulled a heap of the very tiny white dots I had placed and shifted them all around. I think it has to do with how the paint sits on the pebbles themselves so I’m going to use the varnish (glass finish AND medium) as a base coat, paint on top of that so hopefully the paint takes to the varnish then do another layer on top. 

Cross your fingers for me! 


Mandala Stones

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So I brought a couple bags of stone for some of my projects, see tic tac toe and the owl stones and on a couple I painted something that I’ve actually been really enjoying because it’s simple yet takes a steady hand. 

These absorbable little mandala stones! I love the patterns and the simplicity. I’ll probably be making a lot more of them and they will also be for sale when I go to the market

Rock Painting *Update


*Well I haven’t left for work yet but the first rock I coated has dried and looks good! I’ll wait till the little ones are done then test them in the bag again to see if any paint chips 🙂 

So anyone whose ever painted rocks will know of the issue that arises when you need to preserve the paint. For those who don’t paint rocks you basically get to a stage where you don’t want your paint to come off the rocks so you need to apply a layer of varnish to keep it on. 

This is the stage I’m at and the issue I’m facing. I have a fancy matte finish spray which works with the acrylic paints I have however it doesn’t dry on the pebbles leaving them sticky and wet. 

I looked into a clear varnish spray my partner has for his miniatures but it was clogged. Well that’s a no go. What else have we got laying around the house? 

I don’t get paid for a few days, monthly salary is the worst, so I need something that I’ve already got. 

What about modge podge? It’s a clear glue like substance that comes in matte finish or gloss. We’ll issue is not only do I not own it but I also haven’t seen it sold in Australia. So I went for an equivalent! 

Clear craft glue! Well there’s an issue with that too… gets tacky and doesn’t leave a nice gloss, it’s just glue. I thought maybe if I watered it down it’d spread easier? No go. Just squirted water on my table…

So I’m in a predicament. I shook some of the rocks together in a bag, I made a little tic tac toe game and need the paint to not rub off and without varnish, it comes off. As I’m sitting there I glance at the nail polish I have on my desk. A lovely lilac purple colour, one of my favourites, and my clear gloss top coat……..

Clear too coat that’s glossy, huh? 

So now here I sit, typing this status with a dozen pebbles VERY SLOWLY DRYING like crazy slow. Covered in my more expensive clear top coat nail polish but I’ll be honest it looks like it’s working! Parts have dried already and they glossy and pretty and it looks like it won’t rub off. The pebbles really slows down the drying process as they aren’t the most porous of mediums but I think it’ll work! 

Fingers crossed guys! I’ll post an update when I get home from work to see if it’s going to work or if I’ll have to wait till pay day to get something else…

Tic Tac Toe


Or noughts and crosses as it’s know to some. This little bag as he play board and cute little painted pebbles means you can chuck it in your bag for long trips or as a cute little gift for children (or child-like adults) as a way to keep them entertained! 

I’ll probably keep one for myself when they’re done for one of my nieces or nephews. Maybe even for myself because they are cute! 

Chameleon locket heart

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So playing with my new Chameleon pens is interesting because I’ve never really used alcohol based pens before so it’s a learning process with how they colour and handle and learning how to work the gradients and the pens themselves. They really are just so cool! If you can, get some! Especially if you’re a person who enjoys colouring! 

They came with these cute little colour cards which I’ve been practising with so please ignore the sus flower but I like the heart and stuff…

Cthulhu Ink


So after my next pay day and I get my new computer I’m planning to get a new tattoo and I really want a tattoo of Cthulhu. I’ve already started looking for reference material but my next challenge is finding a good artist near where I live now. Used to go to the northern suburbs but we’ve moved a bit from there now so the new hunt begins! 

Here’s some reference material I’ve found. Please note NONE of this is mine! I just found it and like it!

Chameleon Pens!

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So excited to show off what just arrived!! 

My chameleon pens! If you don’t know they are these really cool pens that you can soak the colour from one onto another allowing you to shade with the alcohol based pen from one colour to another seemlessly. 

You can make gradients with one pen!! It’s so cool! *Not a paid promotion too btw

I supported them on kick starter And the finally arrived!! I may try colouring in the cards that came with it or one of my own pictures. 

I’ll keep you posted!