India Ink

Black and White, Design, Ink

Hey! So I’ve spent some time playing with my style and trying all sorts of new things. I’ve busted out my India Ink (Speed Ball brand) and my inking nibs. I love the feel of the non scraping the paper and catching on the fibers as I Ink. 


The Journal of Infinite Possibility!

Business, Colour, Design

It is with much jubilation and just a touch of exhaustion I am so excited to let everyone know of long term project that has finally been realized!

I’ve been working closely with Clan Destine Press and together we have created The Journal of Infinite Possibility, the first, last and only journal you will need to inspire those stories, drawings and everything else! It’s designed to help get the creative juices flowing and helping you move past that ever so irritating block.

We’ve got a fantastic giveaway going on right now too so enter for your chance to win this fabulous book!

Some of the images we’ve used are here to further entice you and tip your hand into grabbing a copy 😉

~Sarah Pain


Animal, Black and White, Death and Beauty

The three pieces here for you from left to right they are: Pisces’ Child, Queen Bee and Masaqurade. 

All three are for a big project I’m working on that will combine a large number of my drawings on their black and white glory and will be something to definitely keep your eye out for! It’s coming soon! 😉 (I hope…)


The lioness

Animal, Black and White, Environmental

Ink practise again. Both the lioness and my moth were taking very heavily from an artist I admire very much; Caitlin Hackett. So neither I claim as my own for this purpose but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? Right??

Anyway still trying to figure the pen/nib thing out and how not to accidentally make really really thick lines when I want thinner but I’ll keep at it and figure it out 🙂


Present two for Gran 

Christmas, Environmental

Present two that I drew was for my Gran who lives a very long distance away so I had to post it which wasn’t too expensive given it was framed at the time.  
Flowers and a tree and butterflies. A clean black and white piece. 


The Eighth 

Animal, Environmental

The Eighth of the twelve. Virgo, the virgin. 


The Second

Animal, Black and White, Environmental


The second in my set of twelve. This one may give away what the theme is if you know your stuff…



Black and White, Death and Beauty, Emotion

Torn asunder by conflict and battling for food these two owl’s destinies remain entwined tightly with one another, merging them into one and forcing them to remain enemies until they draw their final breath.


So much to come! (Ramble)

Black and White, Business, Christmas, Colour, Design

So excited for after Christmas when I can post all the pieces I’ve been working on. So many with some many varieties of black and white and colour. Flowers seems to be a strong theme through out. One I feel I should continue because they’re fun to draw and colouring is always an exciting challenge. See which colours mix and which ones look terrible and hit the bin. Anyway, ramble ramble.



Mandala Owl

Black and White, Business, Design

 And owl created with the style of a Mandala. It’s a gift for someone very special to me!