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I call it… THE MONOLITH! Muwahahaha!!


New Computer Parts

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My new computer parts arrived today! I didn’t get the chance to put it together as I had to go to work (read: I was playing ARK) but I’m so keen to get it together tonight! 

I like to think it will allow me to be more productive given it’s got a new mother board and I’ve finnalt got DDR4 Ram but I don’t think that’s the case. 

The new tower is GIANT though! Lots of airflow so she’s run cooler too. 😍

Fallout Computer Case

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 The completed side! Only took a day but some I have the technique down and I’m not nursing a cold at the same time it should take less time. TWO DAYS TILL FALLOUT!! SO EXCITED


Custom Case

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 My current project which shows my own personal hype for Fallout 4 which is being released in just a few days. So very excited. Computer case which will have vault boy on it!