Black and White, Ink

How does one express what spirit is? Do you see it as a person? Animal? Or just energy? I like to think of everything as something, if that makes sense.


So much to come! (Ramble)

Black and White, Business, Christmas, Colour, Design

So excited for after Christmas when I can post all the pieces I’ve been working on. So many with some many varieties of black and white and colour. Flowers seems to be a strong theme through out. One I feel I should continue because they’re fun to draw and colouring is always an exciting challenge. See which colours mix and which ones look terrible and hit the bin. Anyway, ramble ramble.


The Dragons

Black and White, Design, Ink, Tattoo
They balance one another but both show their twin deep within them

They balance one another but both show their twin deep within them

Another Tattoo design, the Dragons Ying and Yang, they help create all things good and all things evil within the world, but one must always move with caution for even the brightest light cast a shadow and the opposite being to remember there’s always a silver lining to the worst situation

The Flame

Design, Emotion, Ink, Society6
She burns with intensity

She burns with intensity

This was made following a Photoshop tutorial that I had a lot of fun making. I used the same tutorial to create one of these with my neice. Even when smoky and flame-y she’s still the cutest little button.
This piece is also available on Society6. Follow this link to find it!