What Video Games mean to me

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Hello! I wrote an opinion piece on games for no better reason then I was bored. Give it a read and if you’ve got any feedback I’d love to hear it!



Many people play video games and for a number of reasons too! Some people play competitively, E-Sports and such and they can actually earn a living from being good at games. Some people play to reduce stress, you can count me in that category, other people play for fun, if it’s catching Pokemon or fighting gods. And some people play as a hobby and prefer strategy games like resource management and turn based games style games, where the action is a bit slow but requires much more strategy.

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I play a variety of games, from violent fighting/shooting games like Doom to causal, ridiculous to explain games like House Flipper, a game where you clean and renovate houses to sell them to other people. (it’s ridiculous when you explain to someone whether they’re a gamer or not!)

What I play tends to depend on my mood and what kind of day I’ve had. Doom is for the bad days when I need to get some anger out of my system and just let loose. House flipper is a game I play to just kill some time or chill for an hour or so. I play Minecraft to build kingdoms and villages and towers and to be creative.

Honestly, the running theme of games I play is stress relief. Maybe more people need to play games, less stress, less office shootings, less fights because you’re all too busy mining for diamond to argue about anything needless.

That’s no to say that games dominate my every thought and every second of my life. I still vacuum and mop, still do the dishes daily and the washing on the weekend, still spend time with my friends on free weekends.

For me, games really helped when I reached a low point in my life and mental health, they served as a distraction from the negative thoughts that kept dominating my thoughts and allowed my mind time to rest and not worry.

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When I’m focused on a game, be it beating a tough boss fight or creating another farm plot in Stardew Valley, they help me feel better, happier and have a more positive outlook on my day to day life.

There are of course extreme cases, you’ve probably seen them in the media lately, children so caught up in games they pee themselves and attack parents, but I really want to reiterate that this isn’t the norm, this isn’t every gamer!

Games have been proven to help people with PTSD to recover from the traumatic event in a same environment without putting them in real danger (Original Article Here). Games can be used to educate children and adults alike. They’ve even been used to help children with ADHD and autism to focus and adapt to life in the real world by giving them coping mechanisms to use when they’re having a rough day. That Article is Here!

And that’s why I play games, to relax, to cope with my anxiety and depression, to help focus and unwind. Next time you’ve had a bad day, try a healthy dose of Doom or House flipper to help unwind!

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Serial Sugar Skull

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Hey everyone!

So I’ve been working away again lately, not only preparing for the experience that will be that big canvas I have but also getting everything together for the market stall I vow to one day get! 

I managed to pick up some super cheap little canvas boards and I wanted to do a little series with them. Naturally it was sugar skulls, because skulls, and they’ll come in a set of five or you can get a single one.

What do you think of them so far?

Canvas Commitment

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Hey there!
Sorry for the long delay since my last post, I’ve been shopping like crazy due to the riot art and craft shop near us closing down.
Everything is half price and the canvases which were already marked down were half that price again! I got a 30″ by 40″ canvas for about $16!!

Now to actually paint a picture on the mammoth thing…

Anyway that’s where all my energies have been going. Crash courses in canvas paintings, practising brush techniques on smaller canvases and art pads. Busy busy busy.

Sketching a picture, changing a few pats of the composition, rubbing the whole thing out and starting again

Can’t wait to show you the progress as it happens though! Keep an eye on this spot for updates soon!

Acrylic Canvas Paintings

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Happy New Year!! 

I hope everyone had a sensational holiday season and a wonderful break. I certainly are way too much food and had a few too many drinks. Got spoilt rotten and got an easel! No more using the dining room chair for this gal! 

During all the excitement of extra hours at work and spending all my money of presents I did some canvas paintings for some friends of ours. They were a combination of house warming, engagement present, Christmas, a birthday and new years present. All in one! I passed them on just before Christmas so I can FINALLY post the terrible pictures I took of them online! 

Introducing the goblin, Orc and Warlock, respectively. All three are DnD races/classes you can play and I am so proud of how they’ve turned out! Especially the goblin who I think looks so much cooler in person. Love the colours on him too! 

The warlock kind of looks like a wizard however and he was dubbed wizlock by our friend 😂 Either way I’m super proud of these and was over joyed when they loved them too! 

Christmas Crunch

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Hey there, Cutie!

So it begins again, Christmas season is well into full swing again and I’ve been crafting my little booty off making gifts for family & friends, and can I say I’ve fallen in love with some little pastries I’ve made for someone! (Gotta keep the recipient a secret!)

They’re a little jam and pastry pie that we’ve had a family member make for us a few times and it’s so yummy! They always look good and taste like… like delicious sugar! They are jam, after all!

Pasty Pie 01

Pastry Pie!

I used bottle caps for the little tin they rest in, aluminium foil to bulk out the inside, layer of textured clay, painted one blueberry purple & one raspberry red, baked them once, added the criss cross, re-baked them, (YES! You can bake acrylic paint! This is honestly the most durable paint ever!!), then painted the criss cross and added my lovely high shiny gloss to the jam below 🙂

Not too hard, the most fiddly part is getting the pastry lines to overlap each other, especially on such a tiny scale. They’re only the size of a bottle cap, after all 😛


Seed Markers

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Hey there, Cutie!

So these are some seed markers for gardens I’ve made! They help you keep track of what you’ve planted and where. Mind you if your plants have grown as much as ours have had with all this crazy weather you can probably tell what you’ve got easy enough…

I find them super handy when trying to figure out the difference between my garlic and onions, they can be tricky to those as inexperienced as myself and my better half and of course, as the name gives away, when you’ve just planted your seeds at the start of the season (read: half way through the season). We’re both just so proud that something is actually growing! Finally we didn’t kill a plant!

These are available from my Etsy store, being the first things I put up there… So when you have a moment to kill (or your bored and online window shopping like I do) check out my store here: Sarah Pain Crafts

Etsy Grand Opening!

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Hey Guys exciting news!I’ve finally pulled the thumb out and started an Etsy store! You can find it: Here!

So far I’ve only got a few things up but if it goes well and (hopefully) when I sell some stuff I’ll add more products! I’ll keep this site posted too when I add anything I think might be interesting!



Etsy Store

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I’m still working towards my market stall and I feel like I’m getting closer everyday and I’m getting excited! But I was thinking that while I work towards that I might have a look at selling on Etsy.

I’ve made some cute little charms for bracelets and necklaces and am hoping people would be keen to get those!

Has anyone ever sold on Etsy before? What was your experience? Was it easy, hard, didn’t really bother you? I worry about having to supply and send off the charms and i something happens or they get lost you know?

~Sarah 🙂

Art Prints

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So I’ve been working hard and even got a swanky new printer (I needed one anyway so it just worked out well) but I now have a way of creating Prints of my art! Yeee! I’ve been creating some watercolour pictures, with a theme of elegant skulls, where they’re animal skull masks. Animals have some crazy looking skulls! I think Ram and Bull skulls are my personal favourites but the Bird I did looks pretty 🙂

I’ll have the prints available for sale too if I ever get to a market. I’m checking out Sunbury Village Market this Saturday so fingers crossed its the right environment I’m after!

Here are the few I’ve done so far, let me know what you think!